November 7, 2020

Today we turn 2.

A milestone that was never in sight when I started the company 2 years ago from my little kitchen. I’ve found the last few weeks have been the perfect time for reflection, taking a step back and really admiring the fantastic company that has been built. Not just by myself but also by the amazing team who all hold vital roles within the company. 

I look back at my why, why I decided to start and my real driving factor was our 3 children. So many of you will understand the struggle of trying to work with young children, school hour jobs are like gold dust. So I wanted to be able to do something but still be there for them. That something has now evolved to us being able to create jobs and ensure that those jobs work around parents who want to work. To me that is worth more than any success or growth. 

Today is a huge day for us, not only do we turn 2 but we also reveal our new branding to you all. This branding, we feel, will really help us as a company to move into the future and really represent us. Alongside that we also released our gorgeous new products – 10 new Bath Bomb scents, 10 new Bubble Blocks, 10 new Soap Sponge and 10 new Wax Melt scents. 

Not one single achievement would be possible without you. Our fantastic and wonderful customers, old and new, who support us day after day, share with us on social media, leave us wonderful messages, choose us to spend with. You will never know just how much we appreciate each and every one of you. We promise to continue to grow and develop, learn and strive, to bring you the most exquisite products possible. 

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, the last 2 years have been the most wonderful rollercoaster and we look forward to what the next 2 years will bring!
All my love

Lisa xoxox 

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